Created date: 03/08/2017

The overexcited, sniveling reaction that young people have upon seeing their idols is a phenomenon that triggers intense debates these days. Everyone has the right to idolize someone, but the way of expressing that worship should be appropriate and suitable.

Bearing this issue in mind, Physics Specialized students from Le Hong Phong Gifted High School prepared Monday performances with the main theme: “Talk show: My idols & I” to voice their viewpoints on idolization among youths.

With a diverse combination of singing, dancing and acting, the talk show by Physics majors brought different emotions to audiences who eagerly looked to the stage for the amazing upcoming performances.

Above all, meaningful messages about idolization were successfully delivered after the talk show. In essence, idols are the standard role models that everyone wants to become. They can be loving mothers, dear fathers, strict teachers or learned friends. The young nowadays tend to adore artistic celebrities like singers, actors or sportsmen. Each generation has their own way to express affection but that expression should orient people towards positive purposes rather than limit their development. Idols should set good examples for young people to follow and young people should behave properly in order in order to preserve the Vietnamese image abroad.

Below are some pictures capturing memorable moments of the Monday performances by Physics majors.