Created date: 28/08/2017


“When I am 18 – it is one of the most meaningful moments in a high school student’s life. Turning 18, grade 12 students in Le Hong Phong high school for the gifted enjoys every heart-touching moment of Graduation Night.

The first part of the graduation ceremony marks the changes in appearance, wisdom, soul and social status of grade 12 students. On this occasion, parents and teachers take opportunities to express their expectations to their children.

In the next part, letters and messages once more time remind students of their childhood and their maturity stages: “We are lucky to receive affection from our parents and teachers.”

Lastly, students convey their mature thoughts and self-reflection and their gratitude to teachers and parents.

Also in the ceremony, all the teachers and students say sincere goodbye to the former Principal - Mr Vu Duc Tho and warmly welcome the new Principal - Mr Ngo Vy Nong.

Hopefully, Graduation Night could pass on the flame of passion and dream which motivates students to reap outstanding achievements in their future.