Created date: 03/08/2017

Shuttlecock is considered one of the most popular sports in Viet Nam. Even though there are more Western sports such as basketball being introduced, the shuttlecock game has never lost its popularity, especially among high school students.

According to the research released by historians, shuttlecock was invented somewhere around Ly Dynasty. The country’s peace and the spare time after harvest led to the organization of shuttlecock games to celebrate excellent crops. Its popularity increased during the following periods of Tran, Le, and Nguyen, and the sport was made to be compulsory for the elite and soldiers to learn. In 1985, Vietnam Sports Administration launched the first set of rules for shuttlecock. One year later, shuttlecock competitions for adolescents were held and since then shuttlecock kicking was applied to the curriculum of universities and colleges.

As an annual activity, Le Hong Phong Gifted High School continues to organize shuttlecock competitions for students. The contest attracts a great deal of participants from all grades and classes, creating a healthy playground, exciting atmosphere, increasing soft skills, and above all, encouraging teamwork. At breaks, lots of students gather to enjoy the performance of all teams. Every graceful move is praised by a big applause, which boosts the spirits of the players.

Let’s take a look at several pictures taken during shuttlecock games at Le Hong Phong Gifted High school: