Created date: 28/08/2017


On World Environment day (June 5th), students from 11E2, Le Hong Phong high school for the gifted volunteer on Thinh Long Beach. Their actitivy receives great support from Principal Board, Parents Associate and Local Authorities.

Planned since the beginning of the school year, this activity could only be conducted at the end of the year.

“Head For the Sea” is the slogan that the students want to convey via the volunteer activity.

In spite of waking up early and traveling more than 50km, all the studens feel proud of making contributions to oceanic prevservation. They colltect rubbish and cycle along the beach. In addition to educational purposes (raising awareness and responsibility for environmental preservation among students), these activities aim to promote the importance of protecting the sea to the local and tourists.

Hopefully, in the coming schoolyear, 11E2 students and Le Hong Phong high school students will have more meaningful volunteer activities for the community.